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Don’t get caught in a bind with only 1 key for your vehicle. Come to Northern Security in Sudbury, ON for your automotive and recreational keys and remotes. No appointment is necessary.

We can offer the following types of keys:

  • Regular (Non-Chipped): The typical keys used to open doors or start engines in older vehicles
  • Chipped/Transponder: Keys with transponders in the heads used to start engines of current vehicle models
  • Integrated: Keys with push-button functions like lock, unlock, and remote start incorporated into the head of the key
  • Attached Fobs/Remotes: Factory-supplied fobs/remotes with push-button functionalities including lock, unlock, and remote start

Vehicle Fleet Solutions
If you’re managing a service fleet, you can make the process simpler and easier to deal with for everyone. We offer convenient options that help you overcome challenges that you usually encounter on the job, such as:

  • Having no spare key for a vehicle
  • Dealing with lost keys
  • Struggling with damaged keys

We can work with you to make smart decisions based on your current needs as a fleet manager.

Keys Made While You Wait
Call today to reserve your new keys, and then drop by with your vehicle for programming.

Cutting and programming does not take long. Our technicians can complete all these tasks while you wait.


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