If you need urgent assistance accessing or securing your home or business properties; we have technicians available day or night. We service Sudbury, Espanola, North Bay and the surrounding areas.

Call and We Will Come Over
Our mobile team is made up of experienced technicians who will respond as soon as possible to your emergency. Dial
705-675-1003 or 1-800-565-0887 to ask for help. We have service coordinators to take your call.

Service Inclusions
With our emergency services available to you, all you need to do is dial our numbers and we will resolve your issue as soon as possible. We will be coming to your specified location as soon as we can to provide:

  • Assistance with unlocking and securing commercial properties
  • On-site technical support with unlocking and securing home areas
  • Help with locking or unlocking safes, vaults, and night deposit boxes
  • Solutions to problematic automatic door systems


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    Call us at 705-675-1003 or 1-800-565-0887 to ask for onsite assistance.