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Electronic Security Solutions


At Northern Security, we supply property owners (residential, commercial, industrial) with state-of-the-art electronic solutions. Access control, home automation, alarm systems and surveillance technologies. All of these systems can be used remotely or via mobile devices.

Glass Door

Automatic Doors, Operators and Accessibility Solutions

We sell and maintain all brands and types including swinging and sliding doors. 


You can also find a wide variety of remote control devices for your door systems at our store. If you wish to have your door systems checked regularly, ask our sales staff for information about scheduled preventative maintenance contracts.

House Intercom


Stand alone voice communication systems to allow control and secure entry for businesses or multi unit residential facilities.

various alarm cameras
various alarm cameras

Video Surveillance 

These systems offer added security to protect you or your business. With an internet connection, you see what is going on within property interiors and exteriors in real time. There are also systems that are easy to integrate with your existing access control systems. You can effectively monitor activity and limit access to specific areas.

Our cameras can be exposed or concealed from view. You can conduct video surveillance from your smartphone or remotely from multiple online devices.

We offer on-site training for video surveillance, card/fob access and home automation systems. These systems are very user-friendly and add less difficulty for the end user when navigating.

Many of these systems can be hardwired or wireless!

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